As of June 2010 Advanced Fluid Controls has completed 40 Years of service to the Hydraulic & Pneumatic Markets of Southern California. With Premiere Product Lines like Parker Hannifin, Parker Arlon, Indufil and Continental Hydraulics, we have been privileged to play critical commercial & technical roles in the Aerospace, Food Processing, Plastic, Medical, Refinery, Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries, with exceptional success in the Metal Fabrication and Power Generation markets. We take a very simple but serious approach to our business, which is to "Treat each and every customer and application as a long term business partnership opportunity". Our plan is to follow this same basic business model for the next 40 years.

With the 'commodity' and 'technically applied product' markets overlapping in such a high and demanding fashion, it is increasingly important to "Get it Right the FIRST time!" and to "Get it done Quickly and Efficiently". We understand the need for Expertise and Written Technical support for the products and services that keep machines, processes and businesses running smoothly. Our staff is second to none, when it comes to quick, efficient and accurate technical and product support.

Because the basic operating principals & Fluid Power products have not really changed much over the last 50 years(+), many of the older, well designed, properly maintained machines equipped with hydraulic and pneumatic componentry are still in operation after decades of reliable service. As a result of this prevailing, simple reality, the demand for older design, 'OUTDATED' hydraulic components is 'on the rise', and it is not by accident that Advanced Fluid Controls is in a perfect position to assist our customers with their hydraulic equipment that dates back as far as the late 1940's. We have Technical manuals for old obsolete pumps & valves manufactured by Denison, Dynex-Rivett, Double-A, Racine, Teledyne-Republic, Vickers-Classic, Vickers-Eaton and many others. We have also partnered up with two of the best Remanufacturers of these classic, proven design components to be able to assist our customers 'on the spot', instead of 're-inventing the wheel'every time a manufacturer decides that something is now 'OUTDATED'. You may have heard the sayings; "They just

Give us a call, or drop us an e-mail with your upcoming project needs, or with any technical or sales questions. Whether you have a need for hydraulic hose, hose connectors products, system design assistance, cutting edge, 'state-of-the-art' fluidpower technology, you're just looking to keep things moving forward with the approach that you've known and trusted for years, Advanced Fluid Controls is here, fully prepared to work with you & for you until the job is done.


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